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Anger Management


About the 4-Hour Anger Management Online Course

Students will identify the nature of their anger and explore how their upbringing or a series of events in their lives affects the way they express themselves.

Chapter 1    

      •  Students will define what is anger   

      •  Determine is it ok to be angry   

      •  Understanding the anger   

      •  Students will also take a pretest that encourages one to think about anger as an emotion that can be controlled.

Chapter 2   

      •  Students will learn about the causes of anger and techniques on how to improve their response to stressful situations.       

      •  Students will learn how positive thinking can help the anger.   

      •  Students will learn to accept situations that they have no control over.   

      •  Student will learn how to problem solve.   

      •  Students will then be asked to identify the people, events or circumstances that make them angry and why.   

Chapter 3   

      •  Students will learn how to communicate their emotions effectively.   

      •  Students will learn that listening is essential to any communication process and will discover the components that deteriorate the          communications process.   

      •  Following this lesson, students will be asked to prepare a letter in a 20-minute exercise.   

Chapter 4   

      •  Students will learn how to express their anger and how to change the way they respond to internal and external stress.   

      •  Students will also learn about the components of being Emotionally Intelligent.   

      •  Students will learn how to resolve anger and aggression.   

      •  Students will learn how to exercise impulse control.   

      •  Students will learn self-awareness, self-management and self-analysis.

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